New Mercedes-Benz eCitaro with Range Extender

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The Mercedes-Benz eCitaro Range was the biggest selling city bus in Germany last year, and third largest in Europe and repeating a position made in 2019. The company stated that they did not want to be the fastest to the market, rather the best Extender, offering improved  range with fuel cell, NMC 3 batteries: High-performance batteries with high capacity. 

Daimler Buses is driving forward the transformation to electric mobility for city buses with a whole host of innovations. The Mercedes-Benz eCitaro Range Extender with fuel cell can travel up to around 400 kilometers without needing a recharge. A new generation of batteries impresses with outstanding performance. Electric mobility is now available from a single source ex works, as is the accompanying digital services. The Intouro intercity bus is also taking the first step towards e‑mobility with its hybrid module.

Mercedes-Benz eCitaro Range Extender: Outstanding range with fuel cell

As a solo bus with average requirements, it covers a distance of around 400 kilometers, as an articulated bus around 350 kilometers – the Mercedes-Benz eCitaro Range Extender also covers the long range wishes of transport operators and can thus seamlessly replace city buses with combustion engines. The basis is a battery-electric drive system, the fuel cell with an output of 60 kW serves as a hydrogen generator to extend the range. Thanks to the long range, intermediate charging along the route is not intended and charging is carried out consistently using a plug at the depot. The first deliveries of the eCitaro Range Extender are planned for 2023.

NMC 3 batteries: High-performance batteries with high capacity 

A change to the new battery generation is imminent in both the eCitaro Range Extender and in the fully battery-electric eCitaro. These NMC 3 batteries (third-generation nickel-manganese-cobalt batteries) in cylindrical form with improved cell chemistry and optimized battery pack lead to a significant increase in energy density. In the eCitaro solo bus, this means a maximum capacity of 588 kWh, and in the articulated bus as high as 686 kWh. Under average conditions, this results in a range of 280 kilometers for the solo bus and 220 kilometers for the articulated bus throughout the entire service life of the battery. In favorable conditions, their range is well over 300 kilometers. This means that the buses cover the majority of the requirements of the daily driving performance of city buses. Initial deliveries are planned for the end of 2022.

Turnkey electric mobility from a single source  The eCitaro is at the heart of the electrification of city bus fleets, but it can only develop its full performance capability by being embedded in an overall system. Daimler Buses, therefore, not only supplies the individually configured eCitaro, but also the charging infrastructure, charging management, and fleet management on request. Either partly or completely from a single source, including construction work for the new-build or conversion of depots, from planning and construction measures to electrical installations. Experienced partners are involved – this means turnkey e‑mobility from a single source.

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