JFC Group launches Disinfecting Fog Machine & Biosecurity Disinfection Spray Gate system


Due to Covid-19, people’s lives have changed dramatically with health and safety concerns ongoing, together with the need to embrace the ‘new normal’, becoming even more important than ever before.

As a result, the Tuam, County Galway headquartered JFC Group, which has earned a high reputation in designing and producing innovative plastic products primarily in the agricultural and equine sectors, has entered a new field with the introduction of an exclusive range of germ and bacteria beating fogging machines, together with a new Biosecurity disinfection spray gate system.

“These fogging machines are specifically designed to disinfect large or small surface areas, using a carefully formulated, disinfection solution, that kills 99.9% of all germs and bacteria. Using fog to carry the disinfectant, it is a perfect choice to ensure total area disinfection,” explained Jonathan Concannon, who heads up the Polish division of the family owned company, where the units are made.

Relating to the marketplace, John mentioned that the machines have a broad usage potential – “Ideal for School Classrooms, Gyms, Football Clubs, Building Sites, Bars, Factories, Community Halls and Places of worship, as well as the transport sectors, which includes aviation, trains, buses, trucks and trailers, containers etc.”

“What we have developed is a unit that uses fog to carry disinfectant into all areas. As opposed to the handheld units on the market that uses spray to disinfect, our unit can be place in the back of a trailer or container and once activated it can fill the whole area with the fog disinfecting all surfaces. The benefits of using fog over the spray is that the fog gets into all areas and it does not wet the surfaces.”

“We are using a solution called ‘Zoono’ as the disinfectant, this is commonly used in the aviation industry by the likes of Quantas Airlines, Boeing, and Delta Airlines. The benefit of using Zoono over the standard disinfectants is that the Zoono sill sit on a surface and it will kill pathogens for up to 30 days after the initial disinfection. With Brexit just around the corner perhaps there might be a requirement to disinfect trailers or containers coming in or out of the country going forward, so the JFC system will be most suitable,” he added.

John sees the JFC Disinfecting Fog Machine as “A step towards normality.

Among the main features include:

  • Configurable to suit the indicated working conditions;
  • Instant full performance from power on;
  • Very high reliability;
  • Equipped with fog generators with a capacity of 1200 to 9000 ml/h;
  • Supply voltage 230V/50Hz;
  • Designed for areas up to 300m2 and cubic capacity up to 1,200 m3;
  • Functional trolley dedicated to the device (option);
  • Weight depending on device options (22 – 35,5 kg);
  • Device can be activated via App (optional);
  • Product complies with standards: EN55014-1:2011, EN55014-2:2015, EN6000-3-3:2013, EN60335-2-77:2008;
  • Device can be activated fog machine in action via App (optional).

Please check-out these You Tube videos demonstrating these units in operation:


https://youtu.be/YDSKXSZccsI      https://youtu.be/zO2vBDDLMtM


JFC Biosecurity Disinfection Spray Gates

The Biosecurity Disinfection spray gates is yet another  innovation from JFC, through its Polish division. They are designed for disinfecting all types of vehicles; Agricultural plant & machinery, Trucks, Vans, Buses, Cars & Trailers etc.

As explained by Jonathan explained: “This disinfection can help prevent the transmission of viral diseases by vehicles. The JFC Biosecurity gate can be installed at any entrance or exit at any building or facility. These gates are easy to assemble and disassemble and can be easily moved around if required. The design of the Bio-gate ensures that any vehicle entering through it gets a full 360 degree disinfection, meaning the spray gets to all areas of the vehicle, from the top to the sides and even underneath. The Bio-gate is recommended for preventing and fighting against the likes of the ASF virus (African Swine Fever), SARS-CoV-2, Bird Flu and many others. This automatic system disinfects in seconds and it is a lot more effective at getting the hard to reach areas compared to manual disinfection.”


  • Fast and through vehicle disinfection;
  • Solution stored in various sizes of tanks;
  • Made from high quality materials;
  • Quick and easy to assemble;
  • Can be used in freezing temperatures.

Technical data:

  • 230W power supply;
    • Automatic disinfection agent extraction;
    • Permitted for vehicles up to a maximum height of 4.50 m and a maximum width of 4.20 m.
  • Truck disinfection time = 20-25sec;
    • Spray force adjustment.


  • Can be activated Manual/Remote or Automatic;
  • Can be custom made to suit any size entrance or exit;
  • Ideal for larger vehicles.


For further details on JFC Group’s Disinfecting Fogging Machine and

Biosecurity Disinfection Spray Gate System contact:

JFC Group, Weir Road, Tuam, County Galway H54 RX46

T: +353 93 24066 | E: info@jfcgroup.ie | W: www.jfcgroup.ie

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